Re: Stay Up on That Rise, and Never Come Down #Jaya #Brandy #Tristan


"I wouldn't count on that," Brandy responded, far more skeptically. From what she could tell, many of these vampire thralls were like heroine addicts - hopelessly addicted to the fix their vampires could provide. That made them irrational… but ultimately predictable. And so her gut instinct clearly contrasted with Jaya'a - could the humans be counted on? Or were they definitely going to an obstacle? 

Jaya probably knew better, Brandy reasoned. She didn't know all that much about vampires thralls, except that Zaire and his crew of otherwise rational men had all but sold their souls to the Vampire Queen of the West. 

It wasn't that easy. But it was easy to pretend it was. 

"These vamps are probably just hitting REM," Brandy said. "They'll be out. All the same, we're probably going to have to go underground to find their lair…" And she punctuated this thought with a roll of her eyes. 

And so the key question remained: "So…." it was an uncomfortable question. "Do we kill the thralls?"


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