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Manny's hooves kicked up some dirt, and he tried to be mindful of where he stepped since Kyky didn't have the benefit of a saddle to keep her on his back. He was glad they were over the chronic apology phase of their journey. He was starting to feel rather self conscious because of the discomfort he seemed to be causing his human friend. The young centaur had grown accustomed to her hand on his leather jerkin to help keep her balance.

"We can keep up with them," Kyky said to Manny, the double meaning of her words apparent, and her eyes met Rafael's briefly as he glanced back. 

Manfred cocked his head and wasn't sure the other two humans wanted their company so close, or their ears. But he let his legs move smoothly into a faster walk and took some kind of solace in the tightening of his friend's hand on the side of his vest.

"I've heard this witch curses hypocrites," Kyky spoke up, her mind two steps ahead because she honestly didn't worry about being caught in inauthenticity. She could well have used her know-how to run in noble circles, live in luxury, but she focused on her goals. Making friends, making change. "How do you think the Queen of the West is going to fare with her?"

"Badly, I should think. But Rossi knows how to tell people what they want to least until actions say otherwise" he replied, swishing his tail in annoyance just thinking about how gullible the West had been accepting the Vampires. He inclined his head at the pair ahead of them. "They're talking about her..." Manny said in a low tone. "...The witch of the South".

His senses were on high alert, just thinking about the witch put him on edge."I hope the Duke and Duchess are alright" he mumbled, but with the witch loose it didn't look good.

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