Re: Shooting for the Stars When I Couldn't Make a Killing #Bridgette #Theo

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Red
With: Theo
Where: The Eastern Forest
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

When it came to the mystical powers associated with Red's necklace, the gift she'd received from the pixies for her aid some years ago, nothing quite beat the ability to quite literally take flight. As a Crimson Hawk, called such for the brilliant red feathers that adorned their chest and the under feathers on their wings, her eyes were much sharper than they normally were, she could hear minute sounds from dozens of feet away, and fly for hours without tiring.

The sound of a human calling out caught her attention and snapped her out of her airborne reverie, eyes scanning the canopy for movement and the source of the sound. With an instinctual adjustment to her wings, Red tucked into a dive, nimbly weaving through the heavy foliage and thick branches of the eldest trees, only to bring her wings back up and gently level out. She landed silently on the ground behind a familiar young man, shifting back into her human form, she watched him for a long moment, wondering why he would travel back into the forest when he knew its dangers so well. 

"A friend," <…> "I think she might be able to help me understand... you."
*If you would talk to me, I could explain myself to you,* <…>  *How long did you stay in New York?*
"It was Christmas," <…> "Red, are you here?"

Red frowned as she walked silently, catching Theo's pace at his side, "What's Chris Mass?" she asked with a raised brow. She'd never heard the term before, but the way Theo used it, it sounded important. Maybe it was why he'd come, looking for her. 


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