Re: Go Make a Legacy, Manifest Destiny #James #Malia


James considered and he was sure the forges seemed a more likely target. Marcus didn't have personal knowledge of Malia like he did, and if he sought to destroy knowledge than they would destroy the royal library instead. Especially in the current state of the King's city. But news of a scout making a return broke him from his thoughts. He followed the Duchess as she went to speak to the man.

She knelt by the dying man and spoke softly to him. She had a way with words and how she spoke, like a siren of fable she could entice even the hardest of men to speak on her behalf.

"No, my lady - " the soldier, Steven, interrupted, only venturing to do so because he knew that he had few words left on his lips. "They let me live, to tell you that they know you are coming..." He gave their location, south no more than an hour. Malia clenched her jaw as she listened. 

Steven's last words were weak, but unmistakable, and sent Malia's eyes up toward the towering figure behind her:  "Destroy them."

The Green Duke removed a metal glove and reach down to place his hand flat on the man's chest. As if he could feel the last beats of his heart under clothes, skin and bones."Yes" he said in an eerie tone, "All of them". As soon as Steven the scout expired James rose up and offered Malia his hand, and called his officers to him. 

"We need crossbows and archers for the werewolves, make sure to take silver arrowheads and bolts. Lancers, and swordsmen. Divide the garrison". Before the men left thinking on their foes. James added "Watch out for succubus too". As if anyone wanted to be reminded.


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