Re: All Tied Up, No More Love #zaire #Oseanie



Oseanie: "Of course I could change it. I could get scars... or tattoos all over my face." ... "I could be disfigured. I wouldn't be as beautiful with one eye."

Leaning back against the railing, Zaire couldn't stop the laugh that escaped and he rubbed a thumb and forefinger into his eyes and then ended with a pinch to the bridge of his nose. Eloise would kill him if he brought her daughter back minus an eye . . .

"Oseanie…" he started, but as he lifted his eyes, Zaire found her attention intent of the water behind them.

Oseanie: "Captain, we're being pursued." 

Pushing away from the railing, Zaire turned to follow her gaze and, for a second, he didn't see anything. Then the wind caught the trees and there was a faint flash of white sail amongst the leaves, there and gone again. "Fuck," he breathed, then abruptly turned and began calling down orders to the pirates on the deck. 

Movement erupted below them but Zaire turned back to his daughter. "The river widens ahead. If we can get broadside, we'll pepper their hull an' sink 'em 'fore they catch us, girl." It was a solid plan and one that was sure to work as long as they could keep their speed. "They catch us an' we'll be boarded. That 'appens, ye stay at my side." 

Without waiting for an answer, Zaire was back over the railing of the crow's nest and scrambling down the rigging, passing Calder heading up, as he did. As the Sailing Master's mate, the boy had more experience in the crow's nest than Oseanie did and he was taking her place without having to be told. He'd keep them all updated as they prepared . . .



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