Re: Burn your Biographies, Rewrite your History #Kyky #Sanya #manfred #rafael


Who: Sanya
With: Raphael, Kyky, Manny
Where: The grasslands between the Western Plains and the Southern Desert
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

For Sanya, talking about her grandmother was such a taboo. Her mother never wanted to discuss it or the woman's magic. The extent of her father's discussions started and ended with how he'd valiantly saved her mother and imprisoned the witch. Only her Aunt Sadiya would ever discuss magic in any sort of concrete way with Sanya, and those conversations were so sparse. It was family habit, to keep family secrets spoken softly only to those they trusted. Sanya hadn't actively meant to exclude her other traveling companions, but experience had a way of trumping success.

When Raph pointed out her unintentional exclusion, and Kyky pointedly asked questions about the witch, Sanya shifted in her saddle and turned to take a more inclusive angle, intent on correcting her behavior. Because Raph was right. They would be best able to survive together if they shared knowledge together.

"If she were unable to control herself and her curses, she never would have lived long enough to amass the amount of power she has now," Sanya said--speaking a little too much from experience. She knew she had to control her own magic, which was so similar to her grandmother's. "If my grandmother is going to meet Duchess Francesca, I doubt it's just to curse her and be done. She'll hear the woman out. Anyone who gets between this meeting is at the greatest risk."

She inclined her head to Manny then. "Your concern for my parents is a kindness in dark times. The best I can hope is that they escaped before my grandmother's magic could touch them, and they're in hiding. Since they haven't gotten a message to me, though, I expect they're imprisoned, or that if they are cursed. Each has wronged her, by her accounting, so they would be vulnerable to her magic.. If you draw the Dune Witch's attention, the best thing to do is to be respectful and honest--no lies, no half-truths."


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