Re: Puppy Dog Tails #Kyky #Marcus


Marcus: "I mean, I wouldn't want to impose on your ladyship, if you wouldn't be so inclined as to help a working soldier such as myself,"

Well that was a red-fucking-flag. He'd seen her shoes - pointed them out himself. He knew she was no ladyship. His hyperbole told Kyky that he was flattering, even if his tone was nothing but charming, and therefore that he had an agenda. She didn't buy for a second he was just some lowlife soldier. His digs didn't exactly look pilfered and pieced together.

He had an agenda. She didn't know what it was, but she guessed it had something to do with his friend in the dungeon.

Marcus: "I just thought with a beautiful woman on my arm, the guards would be much slower to stop me to ask questions."

Her lips pursed, and her chin inched over her shoulder as she cast a skeptical glance back at her working soldier. It was instinct after so long being a decidedly-average woman, but the need to doubt and verify the praise was still there. The raise of her eyebrows echoed like Amy Poehler in her famous segment Really?

Marcus: "But that was presumptuous of me. My apologies. I can find my own way. Enjoy the party, miss."

"Oh don't even," Kyky blurted out, more valley-girl than lady to be sure. For all his suspicious qualities, he pretty-much smelled like an adventure, and while she had no idea where it would take her, there was no part of her that wasn't going to show him the way to the dungeon.

But, unwilling to totally sacrifice the party she had dreamed about for weeks, Kyky dropped any pretense and went full college-student. She tipped her glass of wine up - gracelessly - and drained the whole thing in hefty glugs. Cleared her throat. Then she discarded the class on a nearby table with no more than one long stride and returned confidently to Marcus and placed a finger on his chest, pointedly. "If you think you're cutting me out of whatever this is, you're sorely mistaken."

Kyky claimed Marcus's arm before he could offer it and began walking away from the party, in the direction she knew where the dungeon entrance was.



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