Re: Shooting for the Stars When I Couldn't Make a Killing #Bridgette #Theo


Who: Theo
With: Red
Where: The Eastern Forest
When: March 28th, 872 RoK

*Well, how deep do you intend to wander into the Eastern Forest?* the voice--Minnie--asked. *I'd hate for you to die and leave me stranded out here waiting for another sacrificial virgin to stumble upon me.*

Theo sputtered at the assertion, so lost in his mental conversation that even if Red had made a noise when she approached he wouldn't have heard her. She didn't, though. she was just suddenly walking beside him, asking what Christmas was and mispronouncing the word like she was Mr. Tumnus hearing about spare rooms and wardrobes for the first time.

So, at least he didn't have to argue with the voice in his head about his sex life. And he had concrete proof that Red wasn't from Earth. If she was, she'd know Christmas. Apparently there weren't enough people from Earth who'd ended up in Eventyr to establish Christianity--or at least Christian-inspired winter holidays--here.

"It's... a family tradition," Theo replied. "I'm glad you're here instead of in the city. I'm sure I could have found a fairy circle out here, but getting back into King's City there still aren't a whole lot to spare. I guess people are still fleeing from the whole zombie mess faster than fairies can make circles. So... You're a magical witch who understands how strange and mysterious mystical things work here. I could use some help with a strange and mysterious mystical thing."

His eyes caught on the necklace that Red wore, just for a second, and he could hear Minnie hum in the back of his mind at the sight of it.

*People usually get offended at being called witches around here, Theo,* Minnie chided. *I think that might be an artifact of her power. You know her? You trust her?*

"I trust you," Theo added outloud, more for Minnie's benefit than for Red's. He glanced around them at the tall trees. "Is there somewhere we can go to talk a while?"


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