Re: We Wanted Everything, Wanted Everything #Marcus #sarnai #Killick #Liam

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

Who: Marcus
With: Liam, Sarnai, Killick

Where: Marauders Camp, Northern Duchy
When: March 28th, 872 RoK - Morning

The Marauders camp was a flurry of activity, as word spread down the line and back of the impending threat. For Marcus' part, he filled the role he had often delegated to Alessandra, what with her gift for leading the troops and organizing the chaotic mess that was a brigade of bandits and criminals. But with the death of his second and no clear successor for the role, Marcus moved through the camp, barking orders and receiving "yes sir's" in response at each stop. 

Have the wolves keep their distance and use the trees for cover, when and where they could.

Archers form a perimeter behind their melee fighters. 

See that every combatant and was fed and dressed, for who knew the next time they'd get a decent meal. And on and on the list had went. 

It wouldn't have been so mad, Marcus lamented, if they'd still have the element of surprise, but somehow  one of the messengers got out alive and would undoubtedly be reporting back to the Bitch of the North and the Green Duke that they knew the fight was coming. 

Marcus' eyes darted around the camp as he continued on down the line, still barking orders here and there until he spotted the young man he'd been looking for. "Lostchild," he called out, noting only after the fact that Liam sat with both Sarnai and Killick at his side. Good, one less person for him to search out for. 

"We're setting traps along the Northeast and West sides of the tree line to funnel in these bastards as much as we can. If you have any new science experiments that are ready, now is the time," Marcus said, as much an order as anything else that had come out of his mouth today. 

The Marauder's eyes moved to Sarnai, first to the child in her arms, then the bow and quiver. "I won't force a new mother to fight. The noncombatants will be further up river, with a retinue of my men with word to retreat if things get bad. But we can use every fighter we've got," Marcus uttered. "No harm will come to your child, so long as I'm breathing, if you fight with us," he added after a beat, knowing full well that would be the first protest Sarnai may have. 


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