Re: All Tied Up, No More Love #zaire #Oseanie


Oseanie: "You should kiss me,"

Calder reached the crow's nest just as ship behind them came into view but not even the impending threat could keep greenish-hazel eyes from snapping to Oseanie at her words. "What?" The word came out before he could stop it, not because he hadn't heard her clearly - because he definitely had - but because she hadn't shown even the slightest hint of interest in him the entire time they'd known each other. In fact, had it been anyone other than Oseanie, he may have thought she was fucking with him, but the Captain's daughter didn't joke the same way other people did. Hell, she didn't joke at all. 

Oseanie: "I want you to."

Calder's lips parted, his eyebrows lowered, and a sudden lump of nervousness settled somewhere in the middle of his gut, but he wasn't going to hesitate. He stepped closer to Oseanie, all of his attention on her, because the promise of violence and death would still be there thirty seconds from now, but this opportunity wouldn't be and he was determined to seize it. So, his tongue darted out to wet his suddenly dry lips and he brought both hands up to cup her face and draw her in for the sort of kiss that years of fantasizing had perfected . . . 



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