Re: We Wanted Everything, Wanted Everything #Marcus #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam
With: Sarnai, Killick, Marcus
Where: Marauders Camp, Northern Duchy
When: March 28th, 872 RoK -- Morning

"You were in school with Killick, yes? Did you know him well?"

Liam had never really bothered with being coy about his research notes at college. If anyone else could read and decipher his thoughts and sketches, maybe they'd be up to converse about them, so when Sarnai leaned in a bit to glance at those notes, he didn't shift the angle or close his notebook up. He offered as warm a smile as he could muster with threat of attack looming so close.

"We had different emphases in classes--he studied healing, I studied the more, ah, explosive side of alchemy," Liam answered. "But we got along well. He's dependable. A good friend in a place that has more than it's fair share of snakes."

He smiled over toward Killick--who looked a bit distracted, not near but also not particularly far away. Before Liam could ask Killick what was on his mind, though, Marcus approached.

"We're setting traps along the Northeast and West sides of the tree line to funnel in these bastards as much as we can. If you have any new science experiments that are ready, now is the time," ... "I won't force a new mother to fight. The noncombatants will be further up river, with a retinue of my men with word to retreat if things get bad. But we can use every fighter we've got," ... "No harm will come to your child, so long as I'm breathing, if you fight with us."

Liam glanced down at the open research in his lap, sketches and diagrams of his handheld blasting powder weapons, then turned a few pages past it. There wasn't enough time to forge those complex things, after all. They were plans for another day.

"I've got some ideas for explosives triggered by tripwires, though that might be a bit dangerous for our own fighters if the exact volume of the blasting powder isn't measured precisely," Liam said. Calm, academic, analytical words. Inside, something beneath his skin was itching for anything but calm. "I might be able to balance a few exploding arrows, but their range will be limited, and we'd need solid archers to light and fire them. Killick's got a clever mind. He might be able to help me?"

He glanced over Killick and lifted an eyebrow, trying to make it clear that his question was invitation to work together, though not an obligation. Killick and Sarnai weren't out here because they believed in Marcus, after all. Liam would understand if neither of them had the same drive to fight.


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