Re: Go Make a Legacy, Manifest Destiny #James #Malia


Malia: "No matter what, we will retreat to Günstig Keep no later than four o'clock in the afternoon, to preserve the lives of our men against both the werewolves and succubi." 

Striding back toward their horses, Malia recalled James' account of his interaction with one of the once-virgin sacrifices. "The succubi you spoke to," Malia said, deliberately softening how she described the obviously violent encounter. "She alluded to a kinship with the Carniflowers, yes?" That was indeed disturbing, if it could be extrapolated out. "Do you think it possible the succubi might come to Marcus' - and the werewolves' - aid, when night falls?"

James nodded his approval of the use of the keep once the skies have darkened. The succubi and werewolves would hopefully be encumbered by the close quarters, and there were places to bottle neck the enemy into prepared traps. They had to use whatever advantage they could to preserve as many lives on their side, while taking from Marcus...

Malia's question pulled his attention from considering a way to bait the wolves, because they were a fairly large problem. He frowned slightly, "Francesca controls them somehow... And she hates me... they hate me... it would be strategically advantageous to rid herself of those that resist her rule". Neither side of him felt Francesca was a good queen for Eventyr.

James wanted to talk to her, try and make her see reason... Maybe there was something in him that held to what they had once been. But the Green Duke, the creature that had been part of him now for so long... It... He... He was livid, had been since Jocasta had said they were not green. Murderous really, if one could insult a spirit or whatever the Green Duke really was.

"Yes, at least one will come, if not more" he replied dryly. There had been eleven and now there were nine, perhaps Francesca would be more frugal with such a special resource. Or perhaps she would send all of them with Marcus to finally end him, and to take Malia with him? Or perhaps he would surrender to his own demon and lose the little bits of James Castile that still existed.

"We should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst".



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