Re: We Wanted Everything, Wanted Everything #Marcus #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Liam: "We had different emphases in classes--he studied healing, I studied the more, ah, explosive side of alchemy," Liam answered. "But we got along well. He's dependable. A good friend in a place that has more than it's fair share of snakes."

Sarnai gave a vaguely annoyed twist of her lips as she tossed the last of the shell away and bit into the egg. She already knew all of that and had been hoping for something . . . more. She was about to ask another, more pointed, question when the opportunity passed with the arrival of Killick. He seemed to be looking for someone, made all the more apparent when his eyes flickered over she and Liam before moving on, but he stopped when Marcus also came into view. Had he been looking for the Warlord?

Marcus: "Lostchild," … "We're setting traps along the Northeast and West sides of the tree line to funnel in these bastards as much as we can. If you have any new science experiments that are ready, now is the time," ... "I won't force a new mother to fight. The noncombatants will be further up river, with a retinue of my men with word to retreat if things get bad. But we can use every fighter we've got," Marcus uttered. "No harm will come to your child, so long as I'm breathing, if you fight with us,"

Sarnai recognized the implied threat in the words: fight with us and I'll protect your son, sit the fight out and I make no promises. It wasn't wholly unexpected though and Sarnai hadn't been planning to wait in the wings with the non-combatants anyway. "I'll fight," she stated, absently running the pad of her thumb over the striped feathers of her arrows. 

"Is the Green Duke with his men?" she asked, wondering if she'd get the chance to put an arrow through that beast's eye. "And who's leading the Northern fighters?" It didn't even dawn on her that her question in itself threatened to betray the truth of who she was. Why would a whore care who was leading an army?



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