Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Zaire, Jaya, Oseanie

Eventyr Date: May 16, 877 ROK

Primary Location: Island of the Pirates

Weather at Primary Location: very hot, over 90 degrees most days, and the rainy season lies just ahead, leaving the air heavy with moisture. The occasional rainstorm always threatens, and will take root in daily afternoon showers breaking up the sunny days within a month or so.

Moon Phase: New moon

Zaire Wearing: 

A stay in the local dungeon. A wicked hangover. An early diagnosed case of the Clap. 

Each, Zaire couldn't help but think, would be preferable to the words Cap'n? Peacekeeper sails on the horizon. But it was those very words that had interrupted the Pirate King's breakfast just that morning, leaving him scowling into his ham and eggs and regretting ever giving them permission to enter his waters. He couldn't exactly turn them away, though, not after answering their request to visit with a yes, so instead he'd given Eloise the freedom to welcome their visitors as she saw fit and resigned himself to being King Zaire for the duration of their stay rather than Captain Visser.

"I'll plan a welcome," Eloise had decided right then at the table. She'd set aside her breakfast and whisked away, pausing only for a second to press a kiss to Dira's voluminous curls as she passed.

Eloise made a good Queen - Zaire had admitted that years ago - but he still loved to watch her as she took up the mantle to greet Jaya and her delegation, smiling and laughing and inquiring over those she'd met and even those whom she knew by name only. She was busy though and soon it was back to ordering tents erected, kegs of ale and bottles of rum brought to the beach, seeing that the pigs were crisping on their spits and the clams being properly steamed. 

In a matter of hours, the beach came alive with music and dancing, drinking and loud bawdy singing, the occasional fight or pair of lovers sneaking off into the sunset to find privacy. Children chased each other through the waves, their screams of delight mixing with the cacophony of barks from the dogs that kept pace, while the teenagers crowded around the bonfires with their own bottles of rum to pass around. 

Here in the King's tent, things weren't quite as relaxed though. Oh, Zaire was trying, without a doubt, and even had his youngest son on his knee as he finished his meal, but the Peacekeepers rarely brought good news. In fact, he'd noticed that when they had bad news to share, they often sent someone he was fond of - like his Brandy-love. Or Jaya. His crew knew this and he had the sneaking suspicion that was precisely the reason why Mr. Alby had plopped Sidro onto his lap when they'd sat down to eat. 

"What brings ya 'ere then, Jaya?" Zaire asked suddenly, his eyes going to his guest as he absently presented a sweet biscuit to his son, who snatched it in greedy little hands. "Missed me, aye?" There was a wink, a smirk that flashed a gold incisor, but there was also a lack of sincerity in the action, like he'd done it more out of habit than anything else. He was distracted, perhaps a bit on edge by the way Oseanie had been chafing at his side for most of the evening, and certainly wary of whatever answer the Peacekeeper would give . . . 



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