Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


Who: Kyky, Rafael, Manny - James, Malia 

Where: Throne room of Northern Castle 

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Rafael Wearing: 

Outwardly, Rafael was the picture of calm. His face was carefully neutral, his shoulders relaxed; this was just another day, another meeting of the minds, or so he told himself. Truth was, the only place he wanted to be less than here was standing in front of Francesca Rossi. 

He hadn't liked James Castile when they were boys - though some of that may have been jealousy at first - and he certainly hadn't liked him when he'd become the Green Duke. Now that James was King? Well, Rafael found that he liked him even less than he had before. No man that morally corrupt should hold such power, though he was hardly the first in Eventyr's history. 

And Malia wasn't much better. No matter how many dealings Rafael had with the Queen, or how kind and reasonable she seemed to be, he'd never forget that afternoon in his father's quarters when she'd made her ambitions crystal clear. Or when she'd ordered the execution of Sarnai's father . . .

Feeling Kyky's eyes on him, Rafael returned her glance. She was anxious, her breathing even in an attempt to settle her nerves but her smile was encouraging. They were in this together, it seemed to say, and they'd get through it together. His eyes flicked to Manny and he gave the centaur a nod. 

Then the door was opening and the time for silent camaraderie was past, leaving the three of them to stride into the room with a confidence that Rafael wasn't sure any of them actually felt. 

Kyky: "King Castille. Queen Von Oehsen," Kyky greeted. "We are honored…" that was the respect, "and excited," that was the pitch, "to be here." 

"Your Majesties," Rafael said, bowing low in an outward show of respect that he didn't actually feel. "Thank you for seeing us."



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