Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam, Sarnai, Killick, Brandy

Where: The Bowels of the Northern Castle

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Sarnai Wearing: 

Sarnai was on edge. 

From the safety of the People's City this had seemed a great idea. It was an opportunity to, possibly, destabilize the NorthEast. It was also, from a more selfish perspective, a chance for Sarnai to fuck with James and Malia and, maybe, she was just a bit bored. Yes, she had plenty of responsibilities in the People's City and they certainly kept her busy, but it was rare for her to venture past the borders, to stretch her legs - metaphorically speaking - and put her more physical skills to use. 

So, she'd insisted on joining the delegation - a decision that Killick had explicitly disagreed with - and right up until their arrival, she'd thought it was a splendid idea. Now though . . . well, now she was realizing that she'd been beyond stupid. She'd walked straight into the lion's den and may as well have hung a steak around her neck. At any point she could be recognized and would the Peacekeepers be enough to keep Malia and James from taking her into custody? Could they stop the royal pair from poisoning her food or drink?

Liam: "We'll have to be fast to take the guards down and get their key without allowing them to raise an alarm," ... "I can try my hand with the lock, but I'd be much more confident that we'll be able to get in if we have the key in hand."

Sarnai's first instinct was to simply kill the guards, but nothing raised an alarm quicker than bodies, so she forced her hand to relax it's grip on the dagger at her waist and settle instead on Killick's lower back. Not every problem had to be solved with violence, she reminded herself. She settled her eyes on Brandy. "Anything in your bag of tricks?" she asked the bartender. 



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