Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


Who: Kyky, Rafael, Manny - James, Malia 

Where: Throne room of Northern Castle 
When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Manny Wearing (the sexy beast):
Just Kidding This too:

His hooves rang out loudly on the polish stone floors of the Northern Castle. Manfred found it strange that the former Duke of the East chose to live here with his new wife rather than the great fortress in the woodlands that were his home. The centaur swatted his long tail at a servant that followed too closely, giving a low snort in warning. 

He was a stallion in every sense of the word, and wasn't about to let anyone get too hands on (even if their intentions were well meaning) with his herd. Which at that moment consisted of Rafael and Kyky, who walked on either side of him. The young noble was the picture of confidence, but Manny's horse like senses picked up something underlying... He wasn't sure what.

But Kyky's nervousness was easy to detect, even more so when her hand rested behind his withers. The centaur gave a gruff nicker, that rumbled out of him with a distinct crooked smirk of his mouth. His legs pranced, metal shod hooves ringing out making servants step back. 
He was already annoyed to be wearing a shirt along with his usual leather jerkin. But the North was cold, and nobles could be finicky.

They entered the throne room...

Kyky: "King Castille. Queen Von Oehsen," Kyky greeted. "We are honored…" that was the respect, "and excited," that was the pitch, "to be here." 

Rafael: "Your Majesties," Rafael said, bowing low in an outward show of respect that he didn't actually
feel. "Thank you for seeing us."

Manfred let one forelimb slid under him and dipped himself down in an equine type of bow, "Your graces". He was glad his hair hide his eyes as he stared at the man on the throne. His gaze shifted to the beautiful woman seated by his side noting how they contrasted and yet seemed to fit together easily as a couple. Power practically radiated from them in different subtle manners.

He felt like a colt staring down a pair of wolves.

James Castile allowed his head to nod at the group in acknowledgement. His chair was adorned with the pelts of werewolves and other trophies, and he wore his armor which was a typical sight even under royal cloaks and adornments. He looked much the same as the last time he saw Rafael Gonzalo in the King's city, maybe a little harder around the eyes... Except for the strange crown of metal and wood that symbolized the two realms under his rule upon his head.

His and his Queen.

"We are pleased to see you safely arrived from your travels, General" James replied gesturing for them to come closer. His mouth curled at Rafael, they had old history but the king's face was a mask of stoic politeness. "Young lady..." now his mouth curled into something genuine at her words, how long had it been since someone said they were excited to see them? She reminded him of his youth, of what he used to be and the smile faded. His brow arched slightly at the centaur, a rather unexpected guest. "Good sir..." James said eyeing the half horse as if he might want to add him to his stable of fine steeds.

The Green King's one hand was un-gloved and lazily fondled his queen's hand, in a seemingly human connection of affection. "We welcome you to our realm" he stated and shifted to lean his armored bulk toward his Queen in a clear sign of their unity, as well that she always had his ear. But at the moment they held his attention...

James Wearing (his armor of course) and :


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