Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Jaya
With: Zaire, Oseanie, Other Beach Party Pals
Where:  Island of the Pirates
When: May 16, 877 ROK, Evening

The Island of the Pirates was always nothing like anyone would have expected it to be. Families, free and safe and happy, living secure lives, comfortable in the bounty of the sea and the bounty that the raiders brought home with them whenever they went sailing. Jaya, growing up in the North, heard stories of pirates like they were monsters that would steal you away and burn your house down behind them.  The truth really wasn't that one-dimensional.

After a long journey downriver and then at sea, now she sat in the personal tent of the Pirate King himself, old friend that he was. She was wearing a Southern-inspired dress that was well-suited to the warm evening but still modest enough for business, all lightweight and light cream linen. She still had a belt strapped to her waist with a pair of knives, and her cloak was draped nearby where she could snatch it up if she needed it, but she doubted she would.

The pirates had no reason to be hostile toward the Peacekeeper delegation, after all, and with the merfolk defending the island, they weren't at any risk here.

Zaire: "What brings ya 'ere then, Jaya?" ... "Missed me, aye?"

And there it was. Time to get to business. Jaya smiled back at Zaire, her smile growing all the wider at the image of him there with a child in his lap, his tooth glinting. Monster who'd steal you away at night, indeed.

"I did miss you, true enough," Jaya confirmed, almost ruefully. She hadn't exactly stopped working as an assassin to further Zaire's influence by choice. The debt that she owed to the peacekeeper who saved her life sort of overrode her free will in an uncomfortable way. One of these days, she'd have to get that curse broken. Until then, it was just a matter of bieng careful not to end up in anyone else's debt.

"The Peacekeepers would like to hold a special Peace Summit in the People's City. An opportunity for you and all the kings and queens to gather together and discuss issues that affect the people of Eventyr far and wide. Would you be interested in sailing to our fair lake for a few days?" She kept her tone light, inviting. "It would be an excellent opportunity..."


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