Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Oseanie With: Zaire, Jaya

Where: Island of the Pirates When: May 16, 877 ROK, Evening

Oseanie disliked parties. So much noise - all of the joking, the laughter, the games, the dalliances, Oseanie had such a hard time distinguishing what mattered from what didn't that she just wanted to retreat. The thin walls of the tent weren't much help, but help they were, and Oseanie paced behind her father's chair with an unmistakable tension in her shoulders. She held a knife drawn from her belt, and used its tip to scrape aggressively under her fingernails. This, plus her scowl, gave her an undeniably menacing look, which her mother had gently whispered to her -
Peacekeepers come in peace, Oseanie. Out of respect, Oseanie put her knife away.

Oseanie wasn't so sure, though. They talked about peace all day long, but Oseanie didn't trust them - they were wishy-washy in a way she found quite disingenuous. It was unity, unity, unity, but then they legitimized the West, which had never stopped trying to take down her father's rule. They looked the other way on vampires. Oseanie knew she was more hard-line than most, but the Peacekeepers didn't have enough spine to have earned her respect. 

That was why Jaya's words earned an incredulous scoff from the young navigator. If her parents glared at her, she didn't notice because her eyes, as usual, were downcast… 

Which is why they landed on the Peacekeepers cloak, draped so helplessly out of reach. Oseanie didn't give further voice to her thoughts, and instead carefully stepped in its direction as the conversation progressed. When it seemed she would be of no note, Oseanie laid a hand on the fabric and - luckily - a vision immediately seized her. With the dialogue came a rush of emotion: skepticism and hope, in equal parts. 

We don't even need to send a delegation to the West? She already agreed? 

It seems so… 

That's strange. That's strange, right? 

I don't know - maybe Rossi is realizing that her vampires aren't carrying her as far as she expected. Maybe she's been humbled?

I don't buy it. 

Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. She agreed. ...Oh, I'm sorry, is that insensitive? I just meant… 

Oseanie withdrew her hand, blinked furiously, and glanced quickly about the room for any sign that she had been obvious in the moments when she had lost herself to the vision. None. 

Without thinking, Oseanie drew her knife and, once again, sent the tip under her fingernail. "There's a lot of bad blood between the kings and queens of Eventyr. How you gonna make sure this peace summit ain't just a bloodbath?"


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