Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Jaya: "The Peacekeepers would like to hold a special Peace Summit in the People's City. An opportunity for you and all the kings and queens to gather together and discuss issues that affect the people of Eventyr far and wide. Would you be interested in sailing to our fair lake for a few days?" She kept her tone light, inviting. "It would be an excellent opportunity..."

Oseanie: *hear this bullshit?*

A heavy silence fell over the pirates gathered in the tent. Only those closest to their Captain - King tonight - were there, a group as diverse as all of Eventyr. There were black faces, faces as pale as the sand beneath their feet, and faces every shade in between; some were decorated with tattoos, others with scars, but every face held the same expression - a wariness, an expectation of disaster . . .

Jimmy nudged his brother, Chaz, with his elbow. Mr. Gladstone, who'd taken over as Quartermaster only a year ago, met Jahid's dark eyes over Gunther's curly head. Eloise stepped closer, reaching down to pluck her son from her husband's lap and swing the boy up onto her hip, murmuring something about checking on the girls before sweeping from the tent in a flutter of brightly hued silk. 

"Aye," Zaire agreed after a moment. "An excellent opportunity t'put a knife through Francesca's throat."

Oseanie: "There's a lot of bad blood between the kings and queens of Eventyr. How you gonna make sure this peace summit ain't just a bloodbath?"

"They ain't able to," Zaire answered, leaning back in his chair and propping his booted feet up on the table, crossed at the ankles. "An' lemme tell ye why, love." He laced his speckled fingers on his belly, dark eyes settling on Jaya, "Cause if I come face t'face with Francesca Rossi then I will kill 'er." There was nothing but certainty in his tone; a promise, if you will. All he needed was an opportunity. He smiled then, "So, yes, Jaya. I'd love t'come t'yer summit." Then, ignoring the soft chuckles from his crew and without missing a beat, "How's Brandy?"



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