Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


Who: Kyky
With:  Rafael, Manny - James, Malia 

Where: Throne room of Northern Castle 
When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Raf: "Your Majesties," "Thank you for seeing us."

Manny: "Your graces"

James: "We are pleased to see you safely arrived from your travels, General" "Young lady..." "Good sir..." "We welcome you to our realm"

Kyky met the King's eyes for the briefest moment when he addressed her - there was a certain honesty when he spoke, and so she wanted to see what laid in his gaze, and for him to see that her own intent was clean as fresh-fallen snow. So she let that contact linger, for just the space of a breath, before she straightened. 

...Sure, she knew that her colleagues were working their own mission in the dungeon beneath this very castle, but that had nothing to do with her mission. 

"We've come to invite your majesties to attend a peace summit in the People's City," Kyky ventured, folding her hands in front of her at first… but her eyes were passionate and animated in her plea. "Eventyr is suffering from the divide between our realms…"


Malia's fingers stroked her husband's in return as she watched the Peacekeeping delegation approach. Her face was a careful, neutral mask of mocha calm. She relished her reign of half of Eventyr, but she was still second-fiddle, and reunification was in her interest of being absolute ruler. 

"Welcome," Malia greeted, benignly. 

Of course, these young Peacekeepers needed them, and she suspected the Northeast was their first and most important visit. 

She cast a glance over at James, though, knowing that his emotions toward this were likely far more complex than her own...


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