Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


James: "We are pleased to see you safely arrived from your travels, General" … "Young lady..." … "Good sir..." … "We welcome you to our realm"

Malia: "Welcome," 

Rafael nodded as James acknowledged him; manners long ingrained by a life of nobility and nothing more. He doubted the Green King gave a single shit as to whether Rafael - or any of them - arrived safely but it wouldn't do any good to point it out. 

Kyky: "We've come to invite your majesties to attend a peace summit in the People's City," ... "Eventyr is suffering from the divide between our realms…"

Rafael watched James' face carefully but he didn't miss Malia's glance at her husband, apparently waiting for him to share his thoughts before she did. Which, of course, made sense but still, it was nothing but self control that kept the smug smirk off of the General's face. For all that power Malia had so clearly coveted, she was still playing second fiddle to a man. 

"We think it could be beneficial," Rafael added mildly, with none of Kyky's earnestness, "for everyone to sit down together and discuss ways to unify Eventyr."



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