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This was more in his human companions' skill set, so Manfred stood back respectfully but with his head held back in an alert manner. His tail swished back and forth in irritation. He refrained from stamping a steel shod hoof and he shifted his weight from one to the other. He found all these formalities to be an utter waste of time, but of course that was why he didn't represent the noble class. He didn't like that he had difficulty reading the king and queen of North-East.

James was not surprised by his queen's rather curt greeting, although she made it polite enough to be acceptable. She had no fondness for these Peacekeepers other than what they could do for their realm. And most likely these was more about what their realm could do for them. His eyes remained on Rafael the longest examining the changes the last few years had taken on him.

When the young blonde spoke James wondered how such a pretty young thing had escaped his late brother's clutches. Her words did not gain his attention until she spoke of Eventyr suffering from the division between the realms. The king kept his hand linked with Malia's, but now he turned on his throne to face the trio more directly. "You think talking will unify the kingdom, young lady? Pray tell, will you invite South, and  the West, both plains and coastline, to these talks?" he asked dryly.

He turned eyes that seemed void of anything to Rafael. "We know that Eventyr will need more than words to become united" James stated. He didn't want a crown, or power. But his queen had convinced him to take them because no one else was fit to rule... not yet at least. And he would not allow the great forest to be destroyed by sitting idly waiting for a vote by some committee of creatures that were beneath him...them. Yes, he ruled with a firm hand. Anything less would be the death of them all. Death of the green, he couldn't allow that.

James looked at Malia and she had been with him long enough to know when the thing inside of him was lurking close to the surface behind his dead eyes. He much rather be hunting bandits, werewolves or succubi with his ward and nephew, Elliot. Prying James away from their conjoined lands usually required something far more tempting than talks of unification.... Like Francesca Rossi's head. 


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