Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Jaya
With: Zaire, Oseanie, Other Beach Party Pals
Where:  Island of the Pirates
When: May 16, 877 ROK, Evening

Oseanie: "There's a lot of bad blood between the kings and queens of Eventyr. How you gonna make sure this peace summit ain't just a bloodbath?"

Zaire: "Cause if I come face t'face with Francesca Rossi then I will kill 'er." ... "So, yes, Jaya. I'd love t'come t'yer summit." ... "How's Brandy?"

If Jaya had noticed someone touching her cloak without her permission first, she might have gotten a bit defensive about it. There wasn't another cloak in all the world like her cloak of shadows, after all. But Oseanie timed her move well, while Jaya's attention was more focused on Zaire and how he was processing her invitation.

The silence that hung in the air for a moment was tense enough that she almost thought that it was time to reach for weapons. Zaire's cool response cut almost as sharply.

"Brandy is in the NorthEast persuading King James and Queen Malia to join us in the People's City for this summit, because she believes in this opportunity," Jaya answered, sticking to her point, her angle. "You know, and I do, that nobility isn't what's going to save us from the creatures that have started rising up in the darkness, thriving on all the gaps created by these territorial conflicts. Francesca, who you want so much to have the opportunity to spar with, has already agreed to attend. We thought she would be the least likely to agree, so we floated the idea past her first."

Jaya leaned in a bit with that, smiling her own smile. "So, you have to wonder. Why would she agree so quickly? What does she gain by being in the People's City that you could miss out on if you didn't agree to attend? What scheme of hers can you thwart if you're there to keep an eye on her?"

That didn't address Oseanie's question, though. And it wouldn't be enough in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty pirates to say that they intended to figure it out. She'd be lucky if all they did was just laugh her back to her ship.

"It's our intent to have layers of security at the summit," Jaya said. "Each delegation will be granted an area that they can secure as they deem fit. We have alchemists and scholars working on screening procedures to prevent weapons in the more sensitive meetings. And, we'll be scheduling those sensitive meetings to best help each leader build alliances, so when it's time to stab certain vampire-loving individuals in the back, everyone will be on the same page. Unified, as it were."

Jaya's eyes twinkled a bit at that. Zaire had to know, from the jobs that she'd done with him, that she was no fan of Francesca and her vampires. She'd carried out assassinations to strengthen Zaire's hold on the coast for exactly that reason.


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