Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam

With: Sarnai, Killick, Brandy

Where: The Bowels of the Northern Castle

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Brandy was a stunning and ingenious woman who always had a trick up her sleeve in a way that Liam almost envied. Any time he wanted tricks, he had to think long and hard about how to design them, brew them, and activate them. And with a smile and a bit of flirting and a convenient brew in her bag, she'd managed to at least take out the one guard who was drinking deeply.

Trust the Eastern man, the one who'd likely trained with the Duke of the East, to be more heartlessly disciplined in the face of such temptation. 

Even with the new moon leaving a void in the sky,  Liam felt a deep-down instinct to charge in and draw blood. To kill, quickly and quietly. But they didn't want to leave evidence that they'd been here at all if they could help it. He reached into his pocket and ran his hand over a small smooth sphere of glass he had inside--one of his specially concocted shadow balls. When shattered, it would let out an inky cloud of darkness that would block out the light and leave anyone stumbling through it totally blind. 

"Sarnai," he said softly. "I'm going to blind the guard that's not drinking so he won't see your face. Take him down, but try not to kill him if you can? He's just doing his job. The darkness dissipates in a minute or so, so you'll need to be fast."

He waited to get confirmation from her before he drew out his shadow ball and tossed it ahead of them, aiming for the wall behind the Eastern guard. 

The guard spun, catching sight of the movement, but the sphere shattered against the wall and pitch black inkiness started to billow outward from the impact point, swallowing up the guard...


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