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James: "You think talking will unify the kingdom, young lady? Pray tell, will you invite South, and  the West, both plains and coastline, to these talks?"

Kyky knew that his words were laced with criticism, that perhaps they were meant deridingly. But they had the opposite effect; Kyky's face lit up in an authentic grin, and she nodded. You could never say she was anything but earnest. 

"Eventyr must be united," she said this as an obvious fact, and to her, it was. There had been too much chaos since its split to justify allowing it to stay that way. "We don't yet know how - perhaps our old laws about succession must take a backseat - but it must." 

Kyky saw hope flicker across Queen Von Oehsen's face, the way she leaned forward, and so Kyky gave another curtsey and emphasized, "We cannot yet know the way forward… but we are looking for a way forward." She stepped forward and emphasized her words with another cursey. "With respect, your majesties, you are under such pressure to take care of the people of the Northeast - and you have met that challenge in a remarkably, unprecedented way…" 

"But you cannot worry about saving the Northeast and saving Eventyr. The latter is ours to consider. We don't portend to have answers, yet, but we have questions that we believe can facilitate the discussions that may pave the way to unification…" 

There were so many qualifications in that sentence that Kyky worried it even stood on its own. All the same, she straightened to answer the elephant in the room. 

"Queen Rossi has already agreed to attend… under obvious security precautions," Kyky said, but knew this was the biggest unanswered question in the room. It was pandering, she knew, to go on, but stroking the Green King's ego was not going to harm them. "Perhaps she has been humbled enough to open dialogue about peace or trade or perhaps even…"


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