Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Zaire: "Aye," "An excellent opportunity t'put a knife through Francesca's throat."

Zaire: "They ain't able to," "An' lemme tell ye why, love." "Cause if I come face t'face with Francesca Rossi then I will kill 'er." "So, yes, Jaya. I'd love t'come t'yer summit." "How's Brandy?"

Oseanie’s mouth hardened, and her eyes glanced toward the still-fluttering edges of the tent from which her mother had left. Sure, her father had lovers - they all had biological needs that sometimes could not be satisfied within geographical constraints of their work. But she didn’t like the small chorus of chuckles that her father’s open infidelity initiated, especially just as her mother and their queen departed. Her fist closed around her knife’s hilt with the sharp exhale of breath that signaled a threat. Not a few of the men noted it and took half a step away from Oseanie toward their King’s chair. They knew she was loyal, but volatile. 

Jaya: "Brandy is in the NorthEast persuading King James and Queen Malia to join us in the People's City for this summit, because she believes in this opportunity," "You know, and I do, that nobility isn't what's going to save us from the creatures that have started rising up in the darkness, thriving on all the gaps created by these territorial conflicts. Francesca, who you want so much to have the opportunity to spar with, has already agreed to attend. We thought she would be the least likely to agree, so we floated the idea past her first."

And Rossi’s agreement had apparently been resoundingly surprising to the ever-optimistic Peacekeepers, Oseanie knew. Why? 

Jaya: "So, you have to wonder. Why would she agree so quickly? What does she gain by being in the People's City that you could miss out on if you didn't agree to attend? What scheme of hers can you thwart if you're there to keep an eye on her?" "It's our intent to have layers of security at the summit," "Each delegation will be granted an area that they can secure as they deem fit. We have alchemists and scholars working on screening procedures to prevent weapons in the more sensitive meetings. And, we'll be scheduling those sensitive meetings to best help each leader build alliances, so when it's time to stab certain vampire-loving individuals in the back, everyone will be on the same page. Unified, as it were."

Oseanie’s head cocked hard to one side. “So you’re admitting it? You’re here calling it a ‘peace summit,’ but you intend to lay the ground so my father can come and do anything but talk peace?” 

Oseanie knew her voice was raising, and that her knife had raised up to her collarbone, as if she might throw it. “Your kind are in the West, too, spewing the same bullshit to Rossi and her undead sycophants. Telling that bitch the same thing about stabbing him in the back. You’re liars; you’re worse than liars…!” 


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