Re: A Beauty Half-Betrayed #Theo #Andy #Zaza

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

Who: Zaza

With: Andy, Theo

Where: The Witch Queen's Palace, the Jewel of the Desert

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

From the corner of her eye, she watched Antiphales, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. It was good, to see Theodore taken care of - she couldn't rightly do it herself. Not without, perhaps, hurting his pride, or flustering him, or putting some other unknown strain on the delicate thing their friendship was, now. Besides which, she really just wasn't the mothering type...

And anything Zaza might have thrown together into a tea from this garden might as well have killed him, so it really was better to leave the science to Antiphales.

She lifted her chin and gaze to more fully look upon him with that same, small smile - a touch encouraged, now, though her brows furrowed above the laugh in her eyes. It echoed in her voice: "Well," Esperanza shook the water from her hands, as the anxious twitching of the tail beneath her skirts betrayed her mood, "Is that all." Sandworms and zombies, but at least no vampires... 

Her ears twigged Theo's apology, though, and brought a sneaking glance that way, even as she busied herself with drying her hands on her scarf. "I think...she'll be along soon," She offered around the awkward moment wherein she realized responding to that apology wouldn't do either of them any good. Because she wasn't upset at him, even a little, despite that the thought of vampires hiding round every corner had raised gooseflesh across her skin... "She appreciates a forward approach..."



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