Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


James: *to Kyky* "You think talking will unify the kingdom, young lady? Pray tell, will you invite South, and  the West, both plains and coastline, to these talks?" … *to Rafael* "We know that Eventyr will need more than words to become united" 

Kyky: "Eventyr must be united," ... "We don't yet know how - perhaps our old laws about succession must take a backseat - but it must." 

Malia: *oh-hohoho really?*

Kyky: "But you cannot worry about saving the Northeast and saving Eventyr. The latter is ours to consider. We don't portend to have answers, yet, but we have questions that we believe can facilitate the discussions that may pave the way to unification…" … "Queen Rossi has already agreed to attend… under obvious security precautions," ... "Perhaps she has been humbled enough to open dialogue about peace or trade or perhaps even…"

Rafael let Kyky do the talking, for the moment, and instead focused on watching the faces of the monarchs seated before them. Malia, with her subtle shows of interest, let more show than James. It was to be expected, really; for as composed as the Queen of the Northeast fancied herself, her emotions often ran hot just under the surface. 

Rafael couldn't pretend to know what Francesca was thinking with her intentions to come to the summit - none of them had actually expected her to agree to it - but with the way Kyky left the sentence hanging, he couldn't help but add, "Perhaps she needs an ally in order to deal with the Pirate King and reunite her lands?" He gave a breath of a laugh, but there was little humor in it, "I don't think any of us can really guess what goes on in Queen Francesca's head." 



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