Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Oseanie: *huffs*

Jaya:  ... "So, you have to wonder. Why would she agree so quickly? What does she gain by being in the People's City that you could miss out on if you didn't agree to attend? What scheme of hers can you thwart if you're there to keep an eye on her?" ... "It's our intent to have layers of security at the summit," ... "Each delegation will be granted an area that they can secure as they deem fit. We have alchemists and scholars working on screening procedures to prevent weapons in the more sensitive meetings. And, we'll be scheduling those sensitive meetings to best help each leader build alliances, so when it's time to stab certain vampire-loving individuals in the back, everyone will be on the same page. Unified, as it were."

Zaire ignored Oseanie's noise in favor of keeping his attention steady on Jaya. She had a lot to say and he let her say it, absently twisting a heavy silver ring around his index finger with the thumb and forefinger of his opposite hand, fingers still intertwined. Pretty words of peace and alliances, of everyone secure and safe while they tore each other apart with word and threats...

Zaire didn't need help from the Witch of the South, or from James and his pretty bride sitting up there in the frozen North, to kill Francesca. All he needed was the opportunity, as small or as large as he could manage and he'd take it

Oseanie: “So you’re admitting it? You’re here calling it a ‘peace summit,’ but you intend to lay the ground so my father can come and do anything but talk peace?” *will cut a bitch* “Your kind are in the West, too, spewing the same bullshit to Rossi and her undead sycophants. Telling that bitch the same thing about stabbing him in the back. You’re liars; you’re worse than liars…!”

"We all liars, love," Zaire said mildly, but his eyes cut toward Oseanie. She was working herself up into a fine tizzy. "But ya ain't wrong. S'all bullshit." His eyes went to Calder next, an unspoken order for the young pirate to keep an eye on her; of all of them, Calder seemed to have the best luck talking her down when needed. 

"Peacekeepers talk real nice 'bout keepin' the peace but they know that ofttimes the best way t' keep it, is to remove the problem piece." And Francesca was, obviously, the biggest problem on the board. 

Zaire sat up straight again, feet on the ground, so he could lean in closer to Jaya, "That it? Y'all can't claim to be neutral if ye go an' remove that problem piece. Yer 'ands are tied." His eyes were dark in the speckled skin of his face, intent, as he asked, "Y'need a dagger and I 'ave the best chance of bein' it?" There were a lot of questions in that deduction though, ones that needn't be spoken aloud for them all to understand. The biggest, of course, is where it left him and the Coast when he succeeded. 



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