Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Killick:  "Do you think it'll work...?

Liam: "Sarnai," "I'm going to blind the guard that's not drinking so he won't see your face. Take him down, but try not to kill him if you can? He's just doing his job. The darkness dissipates in a minute or so, so you'll need to be fast."

Sarnai: *wins Badass of the Year* "Let's get this door open then."

Brandy huffed out the heaviest sigh of relief when she finally saw the smoke - god, for a second there, she worried her team was going to leave her hanging! - and dropped her tray to press her back against the wall as she fought complete terror back from the forefront. She'd intended to be the distraction, not the solution, and it had gone a little too long for her comfort… 

So when she saw Sarnai's small form rise to her feet and come to her rescue, Brandy swept the other woman into a hug and mumbled a humble and appreciative "Thank you…" and then a more characteristic, as she took a deep, calming breath, "You should teach me that sometime."

The sweep of a thumb against Sarnai's cheek and Brandy sighed out the breath signaed that she was getting her shit back together, and turned her attention to the guard. She dropped to her knees and dug through their pockets until she found the key, as she heard Liam and Killick's footsteps joining them...

Brandy held up her prize for one of her teammates and offered a weak smile that absolutely implied she had reached the limit of her tolerance for risk as of this moment: "Honor's all yours."


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