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Well, they could agree on one subject, that Eventyr needed to be unified or it would be doomed. James noted Malia's interest when the girl mentioned that perhaps there needed to be a change in the laws of succession. His queen wanted power, and would not be satisfied until she had more. She was subtle in the taking of it, pulling who she needed into her web. Beautiful and enchanting, a seductress in ermine and bejeweled silks. And he wouldn't deny her the chance to make a bid for it so long as the realm benefited in it. So long as it brought...balance.

It wasn't love that he felt for his queen, his heartless form wasn't capable of it. And it was a foolish, blind emotion that made men stupid and reckless. No, he...they... admired her. Respected her. Her cunning, the way her mind worked. How she manipulated people, made them love her. Francesca worked the same way, but had none of Malia's subtleties, and only catered to nobles and those of wealth. Throwing parties, while those she considered common went hungry under her rule. 

James' fingers tightened reflexively against Malia's hand for a moment. She could be queen of all the realms, do as she pleased... so long as she remembered that she was his... theirs. Chaos and order, they belonged together. Sword and shield.

Castile stood up, and moved like a large, graceless reptile toward their guests. "Perhaps Rossi wishes to have all her adversaries in one place?" he said walking past the young blonde. Turning to grace her with a smile that said it was surely what he would do if the inclination struck him. If he hadn't given his word that they would be unmolested in his realm, she might be more worried about her own pretty head. But the peacekeepers were like the fabled hydra from his queen's books, and two more seemed to take the place if one was struck down. Ideas were not as easily slain as mortal coils that breathed life into them.

They were an interesting party. Humans, and centaur. Males. Female. Hope. Determination. The list went on, but there were seeds of doubt there. The Green King could smell it, like spilled blood. James turned to Rafael, because his opinion was of particular interest  "And you would trust them to keep a truce for this parley?"

Manfred bodily bumped himself against Kyky's side protectively. Although the king was moving around them like a hungry dragon looking for a weakness in their armor, the centaur's gaze remained focused on the queen on her throne. It was as if he squinted hard enough perhaps he could see what connected them, what was the leash she held on this thing that looked like a man but moved like a beast.

He hoped the others were making more progress on their mission than they seemingly were at convincing this power couple to come to the talks. 


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