Re: Scars Left on my Heart #James #Kyky #Malia #manfred #rafael


James: "Perhaps Rossi wishes to have all her adversaries in one place?" 

Kyky: "Because she would be putting herself in the midst of so many enemies," ... "Francesca will come bearing every defense, I am sure, but she would not put herself in a room with yourself and King Zaire and…" … "...If she was not sufficiently desperate."

Rafael let Kyky answer that question, though his eyes met hers as she left that last part hanging. There was very little left of the Francesca he'd fallen in love with all those years ago and he hadn't made any attempt since prior to the fall of King's City to try to bridge that gap. Notably, she hadn't either. But this summit could be a turning point if everyone played their cards right and Rafael was willing to do what he had to. 

James: "And you would trust them to keep a truce for this parley?" 

"I will personally see to it that Francesca has not a single opportunity to break that truce," Rafael said, making the decision there, on the spot. 

He knew, even as he was speaking the words, that he was taking a huge chance. Years ago, she'd risked everything to sneak him out from under her vampire's nose, but since then, she'd killed his father, seized his lands, executed his staff, and his brother had been killed while in her custody, but somehow Rafael knew that Francesca wouldn't move against him directly. She'd had her chances and she hadn't taken them. 

"I will be in attendance to her throughout her entire stay in the People's City and I can assure you, Your Majesties," his eyes went to Malia then, and he inclined his head, "that she will not cross me." 



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