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Manfred did not like the way the king was eyeing his companions. His tail swished back and forth in agitation, and he had to refrain from stamping a steel shod hoof on the floor. The man was like another stallion, testing a challenger to see their strength. Prodding. The queen too, in her own way, watching them like a hawk waiting for the proper time to strike. Kyky hand soothed his nerves enough to keep him focused, not to let his equine senses over ride his human logic. 

Kyky: "Because she would be putting herself in the midst of so many enemies,"  "Francesca will come bearing every defense, I am sure, but she would not put herself in a room with yourself and King Zaire and…" Here, she couldn't help but break her seriousness with a chuckle as she glanced at Rafael. He would be the Peacekeeper there, but as a woman, Kyky knew well it would not be an easy task to let your ex-fiance adjudicate a meeting that would ultimately undercut the power you hoped to claim. "...If she was not sufficiently desperate."

When the girl gave a little laugh James Castile's brows arched upward for a moment. A strange expression came over his face as if it jarred loose a memory of something, or someone from long ago. And then his carefully stoic expression returned as if hewn from stone, and he nodded his head at the young woman. He appreciated the fact that her idealism had not blinded her to the possibility of an all too ugly reality. 

He could feel his queen eyes on him and the younger man in the trio, Castile's mouth curled slightly and he glanced over his shoulder at Malia. Gonzalo had all the reasons in the world to want revenge on his former fiancee, just as James did... perhaps more so, since the Green King had no heart to give passion to such feelings.

Rafael: "I will personally see to it that Francesca has not a single opportunity to break that truce," "I will be in attendance to her throughout her entire stay in the People's City and I can assure you, Your Majesties," his eyes went to Malia then, and he inclined his head, "that she will not cross me." 

The Green King turned to face the three Peacekeepers. Eyes the color of an overcast sky stared at them and a mirthless smile pulled at Castile's mouth. "Don't be a fool, General. She has crossed you... and I, and will do so again" he stated. "We will not allow it again. We trust you over Rossi, and will hold you to your word" the Green King said.

He blinked his eyes and shook his head, "Where are my manners? You must be tired and hungry from your journey. Let us sit... Bastard Kings have no need for extreme formalities". James tilted his head and something vaguely like amusement passed his features, "You can tell us what you hope to gain in these talks aside from the obvious..."


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