Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam

With: Sarnai, Killick, Brandy

Where: The Bowels of the Northern Castle

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Sarnai: *is badass*

Brandy: *key!*

Killick: *gotta cover tracks!*

While Killick observed the need to hide the guards, Liam accepted the key from Brandy and stepped up to the door. He did flash a grin to Killick when he asked if Liam had made the shadow ball. He knew it wasn't the time to get into the alchemical principles of the glass marble, but he could still accept a compliment paid.

"I did. It's one of a few tricks I have in my pocket for this endeavor," he said. Before he placed the key in the lock mechanism, he bent over to check and be sure there weren't any other aspects to the lock--no obvious alchemical runes or triggers for traps. It looked clear enough to him, so he stood and placed the key in the lock.

With a satisfying click, the door unlocked, and he pushed it open.

"Killick's right--this is a little too obvious," Liam reasoned. "Two choices: We find a cell to put them in and leave the door without an obvious guard. Or, we prop them up unconscious with drinks in hand in case anyone stumbles across. Pros and cons to both options, I suppose. In a cell, they can't call for help if they wake up, though."

He crouched down and grabbed one of the two unconscious guards under the arm pits to start dragging him at least next to the door. He was open to either option, glancing between his companions. They didn't have a lot of time to debate things. Wherever they moved next, he was more than ready to figure out where his old friend was being held and ask some questions.


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