Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Who: Liam, Sarnai, Killick, Brandy

Where: The Bowels of the Northern Castle

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

Sarnai Wearing: 

Brandy: "Thank you…" and then a more characteristic, as she took a deep, calming breath, "You should teach me that sometime."

Sarnai stiffened as she was pulled against Brandy's ample bosom, taken aback by the sudden show of affection and gratitude. She opened her mouth, blinking as the redhead's thumb smoothed across her cheekbone, then Brandy was pulling away and busying herself with digging through the guards' pockets and Sarnai swallowing back what was sure to be an awkward you're welcome. 

Instead, her eyes went to Killick and she let her lips twitch into the hint of a secret smile just for him. She liked that look he got in his eyes when she did something, well, violent.

Brandy: "Honor's all yours."

Killick: "We need to move them," … *to Liam* "You made that?"

Liam: "I did. It's one of a few tricks I have in my pocket for this endeavor," … "Killick's right--this is a little too obvious," Liam reasoned. "Two choices: We find a cell to put them in and leave the door without an obvious guard. Or, we prop them up unconscious with drinks in hand in case anyone stumbles across. Pros and cons to both options, I suppose. In a cell, they can't call for help if they wake up, though."

Sarnai didn't step forward to help move unconscious bodies; she'd leave that to the men, since as far as she was concerned, she'd done her part. Plus, both of them probably outweighed her by at least a hundred pounds. So instead, she flexed her hand around the pommel of her pilfered sword and stepped through the now open door. 

The dungeon was pretty standard fare - not that Sarnai has seen many of them in her short lifetime - with rows of barred doors lining each side of the main hallway running up the middle and, luckily, no more guards. She paused as movement came from behind the first door and a man peered through the bars at her, eyebrows lowered in curiosity. 

"Ya ain't from around 'ere," he noted. 

"I'm not," Sarnai answered, simply, then turned to look at Brandy. "Think Liam's friend will be forthcoming?"



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