Re: A Beauty Half-Betrayed #Theo #Andy #Zaza

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

Who: Zaza

With: Andy, Theo

Where: The Witch Queen's Palace, the Jewel of the Desert

When: May 16, 877 ROK - Evening

>>>Andy: "Don't let her see your discomfort. It will only embolden her," he warned

At Andy's suggestion, her large, rounded ears flicked forward with the slightest hint of annoyance, as though to bring attention to themselves. How did he expect her not to show whatever discomfort she felt, as clearly as though she were wearing a sign on her chest? It was, after all, the last time Zaza ventured this far South that she earned the curse that kept her painfully, blatantly honest. Still, she pursed her lips and nodded. 

>>>Theo: "I don't envy the task at hand for the other delegations--except maybe Jaya dealing with the Pirate King because the worst that happens there is still probably a beach party--but even though ours requires a careful hand, the Witch Queen hasn't been... duplicitous."

Antiphales was generally right. But as she allowed her gaze to wander to Theo, reluctant, and uncertain whether she would agree with him about Jaya's own task...

>>>The M'Fing Witch Queen: "That I am not," *flanked by lions and servants and dramatic entrances, oh my*

Esperanza took a breath and held it tightly in her chest as she forced her back to straighten and her eyes to abandon her childhood friend in favor of the Southern Queen. She didn't smile - couldn't - but she did adopt a practiced dip in acknowledgement of the elder Karim's arrival, honed in the fire of the Southern courts. A soft "Thank you, Your Grace," breathed past her lips as she forced one foot in front of the other to approach the chairs. "It's good to see you well."

Which wasn't a lie - obvious though that might have been to most present company. Certainly, if she were to lose her good friend and find herself cursed over the Witch Queen's installment in the South, it would not do to see all that anguish wasted



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