Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Who: Jaya
With: Zaire, Oseanie, Other Beach Party Pals
Where:  Island of the Pirates
When: May 16, 877 ROK, Evening

Oseanie: "Attack!" Oseanie screamed, at the top of her lungs. Her eyes cast up, she could see a massive flying machine no smaller than a pirate ship… except that it was in the air.

Zaire: "Spread th'word, ye bilge rats! Your King expects the 'ead'uv'a vampire from eachaya when this is over!" He lifted his eyes to the flying craft above them, a direction that none of them had ever considered an attack from, "Now get out there an' protect yer 'ome!"

This was the part in the conversation where Jaya expected to have a little more back and forth banter before they got to feasting and drinking on the beach, maybe singing around a bonfire late into the night. Even with Oseanie grumbling about Jaya's word choice in naming Zaire the Pirate King rather than King of the Coast, Jaya could tell that Zaire was amenable, listening, and more or less ready to say yes.

Then Oseanie leapt to her feet and went charging out, and everyone started grabbing up weapons. First priority? Arm up and assess the situation. The pirates got it. Jaya swept up her cloak and donned it, though she refrained from pulling the hood up. While Zaire's inner-circle knew who she was, besides a representative for the Peacekeepers, she didn't need to go broadcasting it to every single person in the beach and whoever or whatever was attacking. With the hood down, the cloak for the most part behaved like a normal cloak. She just wouldn't abandon such a precious magic artifact.

How was there an attack? Her eyes answered that question as she stepped out onto the darkness of the sandy beach along with Zaire and his men, gaze drifting up to a massive flying device. She'd seen the principles of the thing in a book once in her years at the Queen's College--as hot air rises, a balloon filled with heated air could lift a basket with people inside. But this must have been engineered with enchantments to be so large. Something like this could cross the sea without mermaids impeding its progress. Even mermaids with harpoons could only lob them so far into the air, after all.

Worse, there were low-hanging clouds in the air--almost like fog. She'd seen weather enchantments like this before. A concealing mist like this could hide dangers from sight and could explain why the island hadn't been warned by the merfolk in advance.

"There are probably more!" Jaya warned before she drew her own blades. She'd gone with a pair of short swords for this particular outing, knowing that the trip could be dangerous, but preferring something on the lighter side so that she could move swift. She pointed the tip of one of her blades toward the low clouds on the horizon, then sprang into motion as she saw a vampire tearing toward her, ready to meet its unnatural deadly grace with her own deadly training...


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