Re: Still There Are Darkened Places #Brandy #sarnai #Killick #Liam


Locking up the guards was really the only option, and so Brandy made it happen. She dug about in her purse when the key they had didn't fit this lock, and what do you know? She got one to pop, so Killick and Liam could deposit their uniformed-but-lame bodies into the darkness. It was fucking magic, that the random bit of metal she'd stolen from whatever seamstress locked the cell back in place… 

Prisoner: "Ya ain't from around 'ere,"

Sarnai: "I'm not," 

Brandy stepped between the Queen-to-be and the bars, thrusting herself with all the power of her angry gaze at the prisoner. "Keep to your goddamn self, you worthless piece of shit…" 

Sarnai: "Think Liam's friend will be forthcoming?"

Brandy kept her gaze fixed on the obviously-malnourished prisoner who had retreated under her outburst. She felt a certain control over him, then, and so even as she took a half-step back, her eyes stayed fixed. A fleeting glance to Sarnai, Killick, and Liam brought her gaze back to the thin man in green rags cowering at a distance. She crouched. 

"Your friend…" Brandy gestured toward the cell across, which was obviously two or three times the size of his own, with chains upon chains as if it contained a more dangerous creature. She lifted the simple little lockpick that that imprisoned two guards not two feet from him, as if to promise to free him, if he could make it worth their while. "What's his deal?" 

The prisoner cowered as if he had been struck back, but he froze in place as Brandy's words drew his attention to the large cage across from his own. With the strange prisoner who opted for silence, even as the rest of them thirsted for any interaction, anything to keep the darkness and the cold from getting into their souls as well as their bones… 

"The Witch of the Roses got 'im," the prisoner breathed, words less than a whisper. "Took 'is heart. He got no…" 

Brandy could hear his struggle. No cares? No heart? No soul? And when he trailed off, Brandy knew what he meant: No nothing. Nothing.

She cast a glance over her shoulder to her companions. "Be careful. There's nothing in there."


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