Re: A Beauty Half-Betrayed #Theo #Andy #Zaza

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Antiphales
With: Zaza, Theo, That Queen Lady
Where: The Witch Queen's Palace, the Jewel of the Desert
When: May 16th, 877 ROK - Evening

At the entrance of the witch who called herself queen, Antiphales called back on his training and knowledge of southern customs and bowed at the waist, head down, eyes up as he watched her enter, then rose to stand before her as her servants went about provided seats for the witch first, then her guests, then the lions. He'd half expected her to leave them standing, but he wasn't going to question the move. 

Instead, he gestured to the queen, "Please, after you, Your Highness," the former assassin offered with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. She thought of herself as a queen, here and now, and he had little in the way of contesting that with all of the changes the world around them had went through. So, like any smart man did, he was rolling with it. Time to see where this went. 


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