Re: Nothing but a Shadow in the Night #Jaya #zaire #Oseanie


Oseanie didn't hesitate a second, plucking the axe from her father's hand and sinking it deep into the vampire's throat within a half-a-breath of when the beast seemed to rise from the dead to snap its pearly fangs, glimmering in the moonlight, at her. It's thirsty bite was no match for steady hands and steel, though Oseanie did turn her head away in disgust... 

The blood on her hands was cold, Oseanie noticed, as she leaned her weight on the blade to snap the beast's spine. Gross. She was glad to be on her feet again, with the bloodied axe in her hand at the ready….

Zaire: "Chione! Alby!" "Find my family!" "Spread th'word, ye bilge rats! Your King expects the 'ead'uv'a vampire from eachaya when this is over!" "Now get out there an' protect yer 'ome!"

Jaya: "There are probably more!"

The Captain was, reasonably, sending those among his elite to find his - their - family, but Oseanie stayed never more than an arm's length away from him. Her eyes were intent and alert, even against the dark, and she sent the axe into the wrinkled brow of a vampire three yards off, and stooped to retrieve a knife buried in a pirate's gut as they moved past him. Oseanie didn't look at his face; a weapon was a weapon right now. 

Oseanie's gaze was drawn, curiously, to the Peacekeeper. This was a defining moment: Would Jaya keep peace? Or fight..? 

Fight, it seemed, and Oseanie smiled her way, even through the darkness and the chaos. "What is this?" The navigator tried to ask, though breathless and distracted by the constant shadows moving about her. "Is this a last resort?" A dying breath of a waning rule? "Or does she think she could really reclaim…" 

Oseanie could see, even in the dim moonlight, that pirates were falling around them. They died fighting violently, thrusting swords or daggers into the undead, but the living inevitably fell while the vampires only stumbled. 

It wasn't long before one of the creatures ran at Oseanie. She sidestepped quickly, putting herself between the beast and her father, whipped her weight around and dragged the beast to the ground until she straddled its back and plunged her knife into its skull. 

But as she withdrew her knife, Oseanie felt the very ground under her knees tremble and, over her shoulder, the young pirate saw yet another air-ship crash inelegantly into the trees. That would have killed men, but she knew instantly from the rustling of branches and the hissing - echoing like snakes - that there was a crew of vampires headed their way...  

Oseanie's dark eyes rose to her king, her captain, her father. She would never have given him orders, and so when she opened her mouth, her teeth ground as if in objection. But even if she trusted him as a leader, she knew that she could see further than he could. 

"Cap'," Oseanie shouted, over the din, with a knife ready in her hand and blood and brains dripping down her wrist. "You can't fight this fight. You need to get clear."


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