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Kyky: "We have heard that the NorthEast has - understandably - become a refuge for those Eventyrians fleeing the West," … "In what ways might the Peacekeepers be able to support your efforts to integrate these refugees?"

Rafael's jaw clenched and dark eyes went to Kyky as she settled on a subject and dug in. It was hardly a topic he enjoyed, but one that could be enlightening, he silently admitted. 

His sister, Valentina, lived here in the North and she and her family had, luckily, been in a position to take in Javier's wife and children after they'd fled the West. Yes, Javier had been killed while helping to retake the King's City, but at least his family was safe for the time being. There were so many Westerners less fortunate though and Rafael knew that it was only their money that kept his loved ones safe here in the Northeast. And how much protection would it really give should...well, should Rafael anger the malevolent King of the Northeast?

"We'll do what we can to help," Rafael added, pushing his emotions aside and sipping politely at his wine. It was delicious but he wouldn't enjoy even a single mouthful. "I'd like to see our Western refugees prosper, of course, but I understand the drain on your resources."



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