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Manfred felt some sort of relief at the look in his dear friend's eyes, she was excited. It would seem she had won over the former Green Duke, now King of the joined domains of North and East. And the Queen seemed complacent to agree with him. She moved with grace considering the weight of her robes, as she joined her strange consort, who invited them to dine.

The centaur swatted his tail in agitation still, but made an effort to bow his head cordially as the royals passed to led the way to dine.
 He wasn't so sure it was manners that the king was offering to dine, but a false sense of security. His friend wanted this to go right so badly, to have the summit be a success. They all did, but he hoped Kyky wouldn't be too blinded by it.

The Northern castle was very old, and lavish. But the beautiful colors cast on the walls by the many jewels didn't alleviate the feeling low in Manfred's guts that they should just leave this place. The table wasn't designed with a centaur in mind, and Manny refused to put himself in the vulnerable position of laying down. So he stood behind his human companions and remained on guard.

Kyky"We have heard that the NorthEast has - understandably - become a refuge for those Eventyrians fleeing the West," "In what ways might the Peacekeepers be able to support your efforts to integrate these refugees?" 

Rafael; "We'll do what we can to help," "I'd like to see our Western refugees prosper, of course, but I understand the drain on your resources."

James sat next to his queen, unlike most royals that preferred to sit on opposing ends of a table. Perhaps it was a symbol of their unity, or perhaps they secretly communicated under the table with the pretense that they held hands like lovers. The older man smiled at Kyky, but there was no warmth behind the expression. "Yes, many come to the North and East. They are welcomed so long as they obey the laws of our land, and are willing to participate in maintaining the realms".

No, he wouldn't let anyone leech from those that were loyal to him and his queen. Castile would not squander resources on spoiled nobles, who suddenly realized that Francesca's little vampires didn't care who they fed on. Or farmers who refused to till the harden soil of the North, or the dangerous lands so close to the enchanted forest in the East. If their own people could do it then they could as well... Or take their chances with the witch of the South.

Or the arduous journey to the former King's city to the Peacekeepers. He doubted they had an endless supply of hand outs, no matter how this little blonde beamed like sunshine poured out her ass. He turned his gaze to Rafael, they had a history so he found it easier to speak to him. The girl's positive attitude rubbed his other half and it was beginning to have thoughts of dragging her off somewhere to eclipse that light with its own brand of darkness. "We would like to see them returned to their land and homes, which are rightfully theirs" Castile replied to the young General.

"You wish to talk at this summit, but I tell you now... Peacekeepers... that you fear a war, but it is already here. You must cut out Francesca's reign of madness and perhaps Eventyr will again find balance". James Castile was willing to sit at a table with the other leaders. To test their merit. Weigh them. Judge them. Perhaps turn one against the other. Or bait a potential ally.

There would be blood...there always was, and always would be.

"And what of the city, your own resources must be limited?" he asked as if perhaps willing to lend them assistance instead. There was a reason the refugees took their chances in his realm over the Peacekeeper stronghold besides the journey.


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