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Manfred raised his hand gently and shook his head at Kyky, when she offered him part of her meal. She meant well, but he didn't want to insult the Northeastern royals as if they're food wasn't good enough. "I'm fine. I can't eat meat in this form" he grunted out. Manny was truly a half-horse, and meat was bad on his equine digestive system. He nodded politely, more to the King and Queen, although it was his friend that had moved to make the offer. "Thank you anyway".

James watched the interaction between the girl and the centaur with interest, one brow arching slightly almost like amusement. He had a handmaiden bring some mash from the stables, no one would say that the Northeast did not treat their guests well. The young general assured him that the former King's City was fine. The Green King doubted that, or they would not be here... would they?

His brow furrowed at the young blonde as she spoke up about Francesca, and her decision to make vampires citizens of Eventyr. Speaking like a typical diplomat, as if he were a child and did not understand the irony of a bastard son of a king speaking of the 
legitimacy of a Duke's daughter's rule. He felt the urge to crush her pretty little neck between his large hands. Enough, he thought to himself. Clearly his other half was rearing it's ugly head. A tittering giggle rang in his ears, our hands could find a better use than snapping that pretty neck

Behave yourself, James warned the dark thing that clearly had grown bored and wanted to play its own terms. He would be back in his armor and slaying the Northeast's enemies... their enemies. He was glad when his queen spoke for them. They had chosen well. She appealed to both of them for different reasons, and balanced out the rule of power in their domain. It was a shame he had given his heart literally to another already.

They looked respectfully at their spouse as she addressed them. Perhaps Eventyr could use a little anarchy... Quiet you.

Kyky: "Yes, Queen Von Oehsen," ... "We… do find ourselves with the unique benefit of having not one, but two of the Western Queen's once-bethrothed. This may be an opportunity to gather any insights we may use to address the obvious problems with her reign..?"

Rafael: "Francesca is not in control," "At least, she wasn't five years ago." "The vampire who is always with her, Seo-Jun; he doesn't answer to her."

James frowned although the knowledge was not so surprising, the bodyguard. Tell them nothing! The Green King pushed his chair back and got to his feet, several servants scuttled out of his way. A dull, amused sound came from the king. "Francesca is quite in control. She knows what she does, and whom she consorts with..."

He looked at the young diplomat and general, a smirk curled his mouth. "The succubi, they are her children. Her curse. It gives us great pleasure to destroy them one by one" James looked out a window and then turn to the trio, "Have you dealt with any?"

Manfred flicked his tail nervously. He didn't like talking about Vampires, or Succubi. His people were a suspicious lot, and he was not any different, the centaur felt as if speaking of them invited them to call. They had been fortunate not to cross any misfortunes on the road here from the Peacekeeper city. His steel shoes clicked on the stone floor. Leaning in close to Kyky, he whispered to her "Are we conspiring to rise against the Queen of the West?" It  certainly seemed that way.


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