Re: A Beauty Half-Betrayed #Theo #Andy #Zaza

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

Who: Antiphales
With: Zaza, Theo, The Witch Queen
Where: The Witch Queen's Palace, the Jewel of the Desert
When: May 16th, 877 ROK - Evening

Andy was the last one to take a seat of the group - the seat at Esperanza's right hand. How fitting that could have been, he mused, once upon a time. In a different life when he had been more than a blade in the dark. But that wasn't the lot life had chosen for him and - despite his best efforts to shun his fate and forge his own path, it was only by a mix of luck and daring that he'd managed to keep her alive. He'd entrenched himself so deeply in the lie that there was no going back now. Every moment he breathed in front of his dear friend was a falsity that could be shattered at any moment, and with it their trust. Damn whatever gods watched them for it. 

Forcing himself to focus on the moment in front of them, Antiphales shook his head silent at the offer of a drink - he never accepted drinks he didn't pour himself. If they were to be killed here for some perceived slight, he wouldn't die with his insides burning and his organs shutting down. 

As Esperanza went on to address the Witch Queen, Andy opened his bag slowly, deliberately even as his eyes stayed on the group across from them. He knew better than to dart into his bag suddenly. Pulled out a bundle of silk and velvet in a vibrant read, he uncovered the finely crafted glass bottle and displayed it for their host to see clearly. 

"And as a show of appreciation and meeting in good faith, we come bearing a small gift," Andy handed the bottle and it's wrapping off to a servant. "A bottle of perfume made especially to match the refined sensibilities of our company. One of a kind. Never again will a bottle of this fragrance be produced," he said with finality. After all, he'd made it himself, he should damn well know. "If it pleases you, Your Eminence," he added, nodding his head in deference again. 


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