Re: Left My Baby Blue


Who: A Servant
With: King Philip, Sarnai, Duchess Francesca
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening

"This man has an impressive talent, though. I'm sure any of the duchies would be pleased to have him." She turned to Philip, fixing him with a hopeful look as she continued, "My King, I would prefer he stay nearby, so I could easily commission him again . . ."

A servant stepped forward along with those who came up to lift the rocking horse, curtstying low to both the King and the Consort. She wore a dress and cloak in the king's livery, hood modestly framing her face. 

"If it pleases the consort and His Majesty," she said with all the obeisance of a perfect servant. She waited to proceed until the king gave a nod of his head. "There's a carpenter's workshop in the Artisan's District that… closed recently, due to failure to pay taxes. I believe His Majesty has the deed on his desk and could sign it over now, to give this talented craftsman a place to work a mere stroll from the castle walls."

King Philip's smile grew only a touch at this news, only so much as would be appropriate for a noble in response to the words of a servant. "An excellent idea." He rose from his seat then, regal. "You know where to find this deed, yes?"

The hooded servant dipped again, nodding her head.

"Take me to it. I shall sign it immediately, for the one who has brought the brightest smile to my consort's face today," he declared.

The servant gave yet another curtsy, then turned to lead the way.

The King dipped and kissed Sarnai's cheek before he followed the servant into the castle and away from the line of gift givers, yet again leaving her alone to receive the gifts intended for her and her child.


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