Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: Sanya Nimr
With: James Castille, Malia Campbell, other royal party guests
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening

"I concur, Duchess, but our fidelity is sworn to powers that be. The king is confident his dungeons and men are capable of the task of keeping the creature  bound and secure" he replied. Although his hand went to the sword at his hip with the massive green stone set into the hilt, fingering it impatiently.

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls....... the consort has nothing to fear, nor yourselves, duchesses...."
"I have heard it said that this is the most secure dungeon in the realm. Or perhaps, its failsafe," its ability to flood with river rapids in the event of a breach, "is the best defense against a creature." Then slid her gaze to Sanya as she hedged, and although her words were vague and few, it clearly echoed her concern about the King's questionable decision making of late. "However, you never know what can go wrong."

Sanya couldn't help but notice the way that the Duke touched his sword, the artful way both he and the Duchess avoided speaking outright against the king and vocally expressed something like their loyalty to the realm.

"I would argue that the most secure dungeon in the realm is the Tower surrounded on by a high wall with a single gate of five locks, then miles upon miles of salt flats, where thirst and starvation claim any who dare try to escape," Sanya posited, scholarly. "To handle executions swiftly and keep prisoners far, far from anywhere where they could do harm seems wiser than to keep them in the heart of a city, at least."

She could still vaguely taste the salt that scented the air so heavily when she'd visited her grandmother, just thinking about the witch's tower which held her secure now.

"From what I understand of the failsafe, its final phase must be triggered by a guard pulling a particular lever, to allow the guards in the dungeon time to exit. Of course they would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the protection of their city and their king, if it came to that. That moment of delay does create the possibility of an escape, though, if the guards are distracted first. Surely they would not be distracted when they have a creature in their custody, though."

Maybe she only imagined hearing the distant sound of water a smidge more loudly, just because she was thinking about the dungeon flooding beneath their feet. Maybe it was just a flicker in the enchantments and feats of construction that soundproofed the great walls and left the castle as quiet as it was, though.  


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