Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: Sanya Nimr
With: James Castille, Malia Campbell, other royal party guests
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening

"Profound apologies, my dogs... more spoiled than any child" Castile said mouth only slightly curling. Putting out a hand the pack swirled around the huge man whining and crying loudly, his brow furrowed deeply. "Something's wrong".
She hoped that wrong was the wrong she had planned, and so her words were phrased as a question, but her tone was impossible to read. Was it fear or anticipation? "What's wrong?" 

Sanya's first thought when she heard the disruptive dogs was to wonder where Moswen had gotten to. She'd left her familiar at the Southern Duke's estate in the Noble Quarter for a reason. At this party, she was better off with slightly duller supernatural senses, and whenever Moswen was near her, she'd always pick up on hypocrisy with more clarity, more immediacy. The last thing she needed was to let her tongue slip in present company. Her cat, fortunately, would be safe from these dogs--as long as she had listened to instructions and stayed well away from the castle. One could never be certain with cats.

Where Malia moved closer to the Duke and hos wolfhounds, Sanya found herself instinctively taking a step away, her gaze sweeping over the crowd, trying to see what had changed besides the disruptions caused by the dogs. She noted that the king's seat near the consort in receiving was empty, but no sign that anyone was trying to hustle the Consort away--though the guards were definitely eyeing the Duke and the disruption he'd caused.

A few, nearest the open drawbridge had halted the line of individuals with gifts in arm and started to direct them to move backwards, off the bridge for the moment. Sanya wouldn't be surprised at all if they were telling the peasants that it was a purely precautionary measure. It was the sort of precaution that would allow them to raise the drawbridge while dumping the fewest people possible into the rapids below in the process. 

She part wanted to move toward the Consort, Altansarnai, who was also from the South, just to be certain she was safe. Surely the king wouldn't have left her alone if her safety was at risk. (The king, who had sacrificed eleven other girls just like Altansarnai in the Eastern Forest.) She looked up toward the walls instead of letting her concern blind her to possibilities.

"A higher vantage point may allow us a better perspective on the situation, unless your handsome dogs' noses have caught an interesting scent?" Sanya suggested, very purposefully leaving the decision up to her elders.


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