Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Sanya: "A higher vantage point may allow us a better perspective on the situation, unless your handsome dogs' noses have caught an interesting scent?"

James: "Duchesses, stay close please...."

Malia assumed an entirely silent, passive role as events progressed. Though the dogs' exit allowed her to visibly relax, she made no comment when the duke ordered his armor and bow... although both were specifically forbidden at the celebration, without the King present, there was no one to tell his brother that he wasn't allowed whatever he wanted - obtrusive dogs or dangerous weapons or anything else… which was why Malia stayed glued to his side, accepting his hand to ascend the stairs with a friendly squeeze to his elbow before she continued up, needing both hands to keep her long skirt clear of her feet.

James: "Let us see what may be amidst other than my brother's lack of manners to not attend his own party for his offspring" … "We may have to rectify that situation"

"I am sure the King cannot have gone too far," Malia said, conversationally. The words themselves were reassuring, but her eyes moved toward where the courtyard met castle, then to the setting sun over the Enchanted Lake. If her assassin held up to what Malia had read in her book, the King was already dead and therefore wasn't going anywhere at all…


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