Game Day Start!


The Basics:


Eventyr Date: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Earth Date: Friday, December 17th, 2021

Primary Location: Scattered about based on threads this game day

Weather at Primary Location: Varied, based on location, but pretty universally stormy

Moon Phase: 3rd Quarter (Waning)

Thread Title Theme: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi


Hey, all! We look forward to seeing your jump summaries and all your creative energy. It's time to get this second game day going, and we have a lot of fun things planned. Keep in mind, our next jump will be on January 31st.

We know that there are numerous holidays coming up, and we encourage you to post announcements when you'll be away from your computers and enjoying seasonal celebrations so that we can keep the story moving.

Quick Plot:

The death of the king has left a lot of questions and uncertainties and a huge storm. Our characters have taken various courses to address those uncertainties. In the King's City, political implications of an empty throne are beginning to generate unrest. Around the kingdom, the ongoing storm that has now lasted a solid week has created a certain hopeless melancholy. And other dangers lurk in the shadows besides...

Scene Plans:

Instead of having a general set-up, we're going to emphasize the background for each scene plan here.

  • Theo, Bert, and Tristan: After learning that there was a missing princess that could be eligible for the throne, Theo persuaded Tristan into setting forth on a quest to find her. The two asked for Bert's aid on their quest. Their path led them toward the Northern Duchy, up into the foothills, where they hope to learn more about the stories that dragons had kidnapped Princess Bridgette. The thread begins at a rainy campsite set up to take advantage of what shelter nature can provide--a resting point for the night, a chance to eat. But dangers lurk in the foothills, and travelers should remain wary...

  • Sanya and Killik: In one of the Central Lecture Halls of the Queen's College, headmaster Oskar Von Essen of the School of Economics has arranged a large open lecture on current events. He is well-known for his unique perspective on economics and politics, and his position as distantly related to the royal family typically grants him just enough clout to get away with spewing off whatever controversial theory he cares to share. But he's been talking for several days about the ridiculous nature of leaving the decision of rulership to blood or two men like the Royal General and the Royal Scholar, so distant from the common experience. His lecture has drawn an audience from more than just the students of the school. People from all around the city are interested in what he has to say, and trouble could be brewing somewhere beneath his words...

  • Hawkins, Manny, Kyky, Marcus: After Marcus returned to his Marauders, a small group of werewolves came looking to join up. Raucous, rough-housing, and inclined to imbibe, it came as a disappointment but not entirely a surprise when these new recruits fell asleep on a watch duty, allowing a large cut of the Marauders' wealth to be stolen. Thief Manny and pirate-hunter Hawkins are on the case tracking down these thieves to regain the stolen wealth, with Kyky assisting and Marcus ready to slay whatever crossed his outlaw band.

  • Brandy, Zaire, Jaya, Red: Zaire is heading up a quest to pay a visit to the Witch of the Southern Duchy, known for her ability to influence the weather. The common people and good pirates need this storm to abate. Mysterious Red has joined the party along with her fairy companion to provide a means of transport to the desert, seeing as sailing even on the rivers is treacherous in current weather. Brandy brought Jaya on board for her adventurer's skills. The four leave the King's City by way of fairy circle and find themselves in the middle of a great sandstorm...

  • Malia, James, Sarnai: At the King's Wake, mourners (and those who want the political clout to be able to claim they were there mourning the king) keep watch over the king's body in preparation for his funeral. With no word yet from the Royal General and Scholar, a pall of more than death hangs over the gathering. Who will rule in the king's stead? How can the kingdom operate without a ruler selected soon? Why does the storm continue? So many questions hang over the heads of the leaders left behind.